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Ultimate Producer Bundle

This is the ultimate Kit for Hip Hop Music Producers.

Over 20 GB+ worth of Inspiration.

Lifetime Access to ALL kits on my Website.

The Ultimate Producer Kit

As a seasoned producer, I know the struggle of finding quality resources like drum kits, Acapellas and samples. After six years in the industry, I've curated and created the best assets, resulting in the only bundle you'll ever need for hip hop music production.

For the past three years, I've relied solely on the files in this bundle for Inspiration and my own Music productions, which is why I can confidently recommend this Bundle to any Hip Hop Producer.

With over 20Gb+ worth of files ranging from Official Studio Acapellas, Vintage Jazz & Soul Sample Stems, Drum Kits, Instrumentals & more, you can be rest assured that you'll never run out of inspiration while making music again.

Lifetime Access and more...

When you purchase this pack, you don't just get one set of files and that's it. You get a Lifetime Access to all newly added packs at no additional cost!

Every time a New pack is added to my website or a kit is updated you can just log into your account and download the New/updated pack. NO SUBSCRIPTION!

One Time Purchase!

Get Lifetime Access to High Quality Producer Assets Today!

Ultimate Producer Bundle

$120 (70% off)