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J Dilla Drum Kit (480+ Samples)

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Introducing The Dilla Feel; this Drum Kit is curated for producers who love that iconic and unique J Dilla sound and wish to integrate it into their music production.

This Drum kit consists of over 250 Authentic Drum Loops made and processed by J Dilla himself. Ranging from fan favorites such as "Life" and "U and ur Smile" to very Rare Drum loops that I have recorded straight off of his Old Cassettes and CDs.

In this Kit, you will get:

255 Drum loops

62 Kicks

65 Snares

50 Hi-Hats

9 Claps and Snaps

8 Percs

9 Open Hats

29 Vox

These Samples & Loops have all been processed by J Dilla himself and are conveniently formatted for seamless drag-and-drop integration into your music production workflow.

If you're a Music Producer looking to add that Classic Jazzy or Boom Bap Hip Hop vibe to your beats, this Drum Kit is a must have that you just cannot go wrong with.

Two downloads are available for this Kit. 24 Bit Wav and 16 bit Wav. Certain Drumpads and Samplers cannot process 24 bit wav files. So if you get an unsupported message when you try to use the 24 Bit version, download the 16 bit version. 16 bit is standard and works on all Drumpads & Samplers.

I uploaded a few Drum Loops from this Kit Here on Youtube.

You will get the following files:
  • RAR (339MB)
  • ZIP (537MB)